medical tourism turkey istanbul

Medical tourisme turkey istanbul

Hello there,

you want to go to Turkey for the purpose of a medical tourist stay, our team is now available to offer all its experience and expertise in this area.

Indeed, more and more patients are drawn to medical tourism in Turkey, Dental, protèses, reconstructive surgery ... the quality and proffessionalisme services and doctors never ceases to attract a varied and diverse clientelle .

The attractive prices, sometimes more than 50/100 cheaper than France, geographical proximity or the price of airline tickets, are all reasons that attract patients to use medical care in Turkey.

You can also enjoy your stay to visit Istanbul.

dental medical tourism

We offer medical tourist stays to perform dental care in Turkey in Istanbul.

Titanium dental implants, dental courrone, teeth whitening, we perform all the dental care you need and at little cost.

Save now up to 70/100 on your dental care while enjoying an unforgettable stay in Istanbul, Turkey.

Treat yourself to finally medical care you dream in Turkey.

Medical tourisme in Istanbul, call us!

medical tourism ophthalmology

You want to make a trip to Turkey to make eye surgery.
please contact us quickly.

The operations to correct your eyesight laser in Turkey are up to 70 percent less expensive than in Europe.


We also take care of booking your apartment or your hotel room.

In brief: The Room Mate Kerem Group announces the opening of a hotel in Istanbul, this hotel is an ideal location for your accommodation during your stay medical tourism in Turkey.

The medical tourism in Turkey represents a new form of tourism as answering a need that health tourism.

News: The Ministry of Tourism in Turkey announced that the station will be renovated haydarpasa.

In short: This week is al Moroccan crafts honor istanbul.

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