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Residence Luxury Apartment for Sale in Istanbul

Location: İstanbul/Beşiktaş/ Etiler Mh.
m2: 326
Rooms: 4
Salon: 1
Bathroom: 3
Floor of Apartment: 0
Floor of Building: 5
Age of Building: 13
Balkon: Yes

Price: 2.300.000 USD

Energy saving from Iraq is a new batch for Turkish estate sector

The growing in estate sector is related to a number of factors that estate need a lot of energy through building process , but this does not have important influence in increasing estate sector , the problem that face any economy is energy saving and its resources regularly and with suitable prices and this what the Turkish government realizes where it seeks for searching on energy resources everywhere in the world and its neighbor Iraq was center of attention for Turkish officials in the last period because the cost in petrol transfer and gas from there will cost little so it will reach to Turkey with the lowest prices .

Turkish industry and Turkish tourism significantly depend on energy , because industry need a lot of energy especially heavy industries , and daily there is new factories in Turkey and every factory needs more power to operate it and needs more buildings and this mean more growing in estate sector whether estate for the factory itself or estate for housing workers and employee or even estate as stores and also office space that the factories need for administration .

The growing in Turkish industry increases the demand on estate in Turkey and increases the demand on office space in Turkey , and for maintaining these increase in the demand on estate , the Turkish government must search for new sources for power to operate these factories with low prices , and the solution with their neighbor Iraq .

Iraq is considered the second trading partner after Germany with dealings reach 12 billion dollar , and it has the fifth oil reserves in the world where their oil wealth value at about 143 billion barrels of oil , and Turkey managed great efforts to develop the cooperation with the two countries in the field of gas and petrol in the last years  where it continuously communicate with central government and also with the administration of Kurdish region in the north of Iraq for more cooperation in the field of energy , and the observers see that the fast Turkish steps in maintaining oil ties with their neighbor Iraq will lead to a boom soon in saving big amounts of oil and gas for Turkish economy and this will enhance the growing in Turkish estate sector and increase the demand on it whether as estate for housing or as estate for office space for the companies that work in Turkey .   


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