Real estate Investment Istanbul

Little hotel for sale in Istanbul Sultanahmet

10 bedrooms

Size 300 sqm

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Hotel for sale istanbul sultanahmet

Building for sale in Istanbul Sultanahmet

Building for sale in Istanbul Sultanahmet for investment

Three apartments with sea view + little shop

size 224 Sqm

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Building for sale in istanbul sultanahmet

      Building for rent in sisli istanbul in Nişantaşı

Six apartments  for appart hotel project

Size 455 sqm net

Price 19000 Turkish lira

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Building for rent nisantasi istanbul


Investment oportunity in Istanbul Cihangir

 2 Building for sale in Cihangir Istanbul with bosphorus view

Good oportunity for hotel or furnished apartments

Total Aera 1300 Sqm

Price: 4200000 USD

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Building for rent in Istanbul Taksim

Historical building - 1903

Siraseviler street near cihangir

Five floor

Size: 700 Sqm

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Building for sale in Istanbul for investment

in Besiktas district in Yildiz

Total size: 4400 Sqm


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Building for sale in besiktas istanbul

composed of 5 apartments 

price 680000 USD

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Building for sale istanbul besiktas

Turkey investment real estate

real estate investment turkey

Golden Opportunity: Investment in real estate in Turkey, whole villa for sale in istanbul.
Number of Villa 60.
Area of ​​each villa: 380 square meter.
Price: 12 million dollar.


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Investment real estate istanbul

apartment for sale in essenyurt district

very good price, contact us


Investment real estate istanbul

building for sale istanbul

Investment istanbul:

Building for sale in istanbul, 300 square meter. Five apartments 2 bedrooms and lounge.

Price: 480 000 usd.

Investment in Turkey: apartments for sale in turkey: 2+1.


Investment in Istanbul , building for sale, call us.


Small building for sale in istanbul, total area: 125 square meter.

Consists of five small hotelier apartment.

Price: 450000 American dollar. Return: 7 to 8 percent annually.

 Real estate investment Istanbul: apartment for sale in Turkey: 2+1. Space: 84 m².

Investment turkey apartment available for hire for sale in istanbul.


Istanbul apartment for sale: 3 + 1. Area: 178m2.

You want to invest in the Turkish market in real estate, our real estate development company offers simple and attractive formulas that allow you to make significant gains.

Istanbul property investment can take different forms, such as vacation rentals managed by us, the yearly rental, or simply for personal gain.


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investment turkey bursa

building for sale in bursa in turkey, price: 200000 usd.


Apartment for sale istanbul, 2 +1. Space area: 69m2.

Investment istanbul: house for sale with two bedrooms and a living room. Price: 400 000 lire.


Building for sale istanbul: 12 apartments sisli.

Real estate investment in Istanbul: apartment for sale in istsanbul Turkey, call us!

Real estate investment istanbul: building for sale in a good area, call us.

Investment turkey istanbul: flat for sale in istanbul fatih.

Property investment istanbul: apartment for sale in the Sultanahmet neighborhood for seasonal rental.

 Investment Turkey: building for sale in turkey.

investment in turkey:Istanbul apartment for sale: 3 + 1. Price: 290000 Turkish lira.


Investment istanbul: flat for sale in istanbul:2+1.

Your Chance For An İnvestment 


This is a very Special Project we want to İntroduce you. Don't look for an apartment anymore what is near to shopping malls and shops if you have the chance to buy a Apartment which is on the opposite of an big shopping mall.


Lets first come to the Location, it will be build in Başakşehir which is the preferred and promising District in recent years. İt will be close to the 3rd Airport which is under Construction now and in an 15 min Car distance you will be able to reach Atatürk Airport, Atatürk Olympic Stadium and the İstanbul Main Bus terminal. 

The Project will be Finished in the End of 2015. So it is a very good opportunity and chance to İnvest because the Prices from the apartments will be much cheaper in the beginning of the construction as if they are Finished.


The minimum price starts from 435.000 TL, the prices goes up with the U.S. dollar exchange rate so they are not always constant. And consider that the Prices will be much higher if the Apartments would be ready.

İf you are interested and want more Details about the Project don't hesitate to ask us. 




The increase in Saudi tourism for Turkey will support estate sector and increase direct investment

Number of Turkish officials announce that their country target the numbers of Saudi tourists doubled  with its levels through short time to reach 750 thousand tourists , where it is invest the numbers of arrivals from Saudi to Turkey with doubled increase annually and it is expected to increase twice in short time , the reason behind increase the interest of Saudi in tourism in Turkey that Turkey has all potential in tourism and infrastructure to accommodates large numbers of Arabic tourists, as it has potentials meet the requirements of the Arabic tourist.

Turkey introduces many facilities for Saudi tourists in the field of tourism investment, and travel visas for who want to travel to Turkey , and the Turkish statistics indicate that Saudi tourists prefer visiting Turkey in spring and summer for Turkeys coasts, and vast green spaces that attract tourists, as a lot of tourists interested in tourism therapeutic that Turkey famous for it.

The increase in Saudi tourism for Turkey as the experts expect to encourage a lot of them to own property in Turkey to rent it or to stay in it or to use it as safe investment in the future, and this what make the Saudi tourism doubled affect on estate market where it will increase the prices and direct Saudi investment in Turkish estate sector.

The flourish of the Turkish tourism sector and its big growth recently leads to flourish and increase in estate sector, where infrastructure of communities lead to develop the tourism sector because the presence of suitable places for tourists and to be close from tourist places in addition to suitable prices for these places with different kinds of tourists.

As the new Turkish laws encourage Arabic tourists to own flats and lands and Turkish property with big facilities, so the tourist can return annually to Turkey and spend the time that he want freely.  

The political flourish and the economic stability in Turkey especially in tourism and estate leads to increase the percentage of tourists who come to Turkey annually and this what leads to rising in the prices of Turkish  property continuously and increase purchase value for property and this also what make the Turkish countries become the most attractive countries for estate investment and of the best countries whence attract investment and this what increase foreign demand on buying.

Turkey did not influenced the global economic crisis like other European countries because the economic stability help it to recover fast from crisis because the infrastructure of Turkey and architectural style gives it attractive opportunities for investing in it for businessmen and investors from the gulf where the statistics indicate the decrease in buying in Europe in contrast the increase in value purchasing in estate in Turkey and leads to tourism growth in it.


Apartment for sale in Istanbul, possibilier of yearly rental: rent: 8/100


Flat for rent in istanbul, two bedrooms + living room. Price: 420 euros.

Building for rent in Istanbul Turkey, call us.

Real estate investment Turkey, properties for sale in a good area.

Property investment istanbul: apartment for sale in taksim,2 +1.


Investment Turkey: Istanbul property for sale: 5 apartments of 60 square meter. Price: 1100 000 tl.

Investment in Turkey for foreigners, studio for sale in Istanbul with a good price.

investment istanbul

building for sale in istanbul:

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