business opportunities in turkey for foreigners

Business opportunities in turkey for foreigners

You are foreign and you want to invest in Turkey, we offer business opportunities in Istanbul and all Turkey, we have restaurants for sale in Istanbul, coffee shops too, factories, and much more.

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Small coffee shop for sale in Turkey Istanbul, call us.

Business opportunities in turkey for foreigners in Istanbul, restaurant for sale in fatih district istanbul, call us.

Business opportunity in Turkey Istanbul, factory for sale in Istanbul, call us.

Business opportunities in turkey for foreigners in Istanbul, shop for rent in Istanbul, call us.

business opportunities in turkey for foreigners, call us. 

BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES TURKEY: land for sale in turkey, call us.

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  • aladjihassan
    • 1. aladjihassan On 06/03/2018
    Hello everyone i have private Investor especially retired government executives in search for possible investment opportunities they are willing to invest in any part of the Middle East,Asia and Europe since there is evidence of a prominent economic boom in these areas most especially the UAE,Bahrain,Kuwait,Germany,Japan and ,France,Oman,Canada,Turkey,Greece,Phillipine and Holland and they are looking for a partner(s) with great financial and business oriented background which we can jointly workout any business or project together with any of the investors.they are willing to finance or invest in a newly created or already running business,they are looking for serious,direct and genuine business owners, project owners only,no middle man and no time wasted,you can contact me and i can linked you with any of the investors partners (
  • abdellah95
    Hello do you have phone numbre with whats ap?
  • Amaha welde Gabriel
    • 3. Amaha welde Gabriel On 18/01/2018
    I am real Estate developer . That's what I know best And some manufacturing.

    Can you send me options say project starting from £500 000 To £1m .

    I also wish to know if 100% cash is required or if there is any possibilities for finance .


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