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Welcome to real estate istanbul  ! We have many wonderfull apartments for sale in istanbul, in beylikduzu district, high standing. Very good price for your investment in istanbul.

Us first purpose, your tranquility during the purchase of your property in your new city: Istanbul. Take
advantage of this golden opportunity.

In general, the economic capital of Turkey and Istanbul enjoy the last years of exceptional economic developement as a result of this growth, the real estate sector is experiencing a steady increase in demand, so much so that Istanbul is now the city more dynamic Europe.

Faced with this new development, our company offers to acquire luxury apartments combining comfort and modernity at unbeatable prices.

If you want to sell a property in Istanbul, our agency is able to estimate your apartment or house for free!


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Real estate istanbul, apartment for sale in istanbul, lounge + bedroom.

Apartment for sale Istanbul

Apartment for sale istanbul, two bedrooms and reception.

Area: 89 m²/ Price: 95 000 USD.



Apartment for sale in istanbul Beylikduzu, two bedrooms, lounge, kitchen, bathroom.
Area: 105 sqm. Price: 110,000 USD.

All apartments have central air conditioning.

The district Beylikduzu because of its location on the European side of Istanbul and its proximity to major nerve points of the city is full developemment and therefore represents a strategic location for your real estate investment in Turkey.


Flat for sale istanbul: two bedrooms + living room, located in a district of the capital snuff.


beautiful apartment for sale in istanbul, deal not to be missed.







Recently Turkey has facilitated procedures for acquisitions especially for the Arabs .There is no doubt this new law will open the door to the flow of investments from foreign countries such as China as well as many other countries. Indeed, a large number of wealthy Arabs have rushed to buy properties and residential units, especially in Istanbul City.

Terms of acquisitions in Turkey: The new law requires for those willing to possess assets and purchase real estate in Turkey particularly in the city Is-tanbul specifically in Esenyurt and Beylikduzu.

For those who are citizens of Georgia, Greece, Bulgaria and Russia the obtained property should not be on the coastal boarder, border towns or near any sensitive security bases for safety measurements.

While the condition for Iranian citizens and Iraqis or any individual from similar countries is to obtain a permit and a permission which enables them to buy real estate here in Turkey.

Flat for sale in istanbul, two bedrooms + lounge, Very good price.
However for the rich countries such as the Gulf States as well as Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan the new law does not impose on them any restrictions or condi-tions to own real estate in Turkey.

Regarding the value of these properties, there are no minimum or maximum prices for rental or purchase of real estate due to disparity of the prices accord-ing to the regions.

As for the requirement of a residency permission in order to have the right to own a property, it is not a condition .Therefore, non-carriers of the Turkish na-tionality and non-residents can buy and own properties in Turkey. You can also connect all the necessary services such as electricity, gas and the telephone line after buying the real estate without any difficulties to authorize another individ-ual for administrative procedures.

For example, our agency covers all the necessary services to establish the resi-dence such as furnishing, and any other residential service.
If you would like to expand your properties within Turkish territory, the permitted limit should be taken in consideration which is 30 hectares for the time being. Perhaps you would find your desire no further than the previous limit.


The following areas are restricted for property ownership:

1.    Military and governmental regions are highly restricted for property ownership. However, the percentage of these areas in comparison with the unrestricted areas is insignificant.
2.    Owning properties in a small town and exceeding 10% of the total area.

God willing we will present to you any further information regarding property ownership and real estate in Turkey.


Apartment for rent Istanbul Turkey

We are apartments for rent in istanbul.

We provide our clients many services such as care at the airport, sightseeing tours of Istanbul and many parts of Turkey.

We are provisions of our customers at all times during their stay in Istanbul to guide and direct them to the best possible choice.


In short: the airline Pegasus announces that it will introduce a new line to connect Istanbul in Charleroi. This facility makes it even more a little more accessible to purchase a property in Istanbul.


News: The turkey yesterday inaugurated the first tunnel under the Bosphorus in Istanbul!


The market of real estate in Istanbul to attract these days many investors around the world, this has led to an increase in the price of apartments in the city.


News: The city of İstanbul renovated its stations in order to improve the network ferroviere of the city, these new enhancements will promote the economic development of the city and its real estate market!