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We offer our customers all services related to real estate investment they need in Turkey.

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We study together your project to ensure its feasibility.

We guide you and support you every step of your project in Turkey to ensure your tranquility.

Before starting the project we study all the parameters that influence this one. We also do all the calculations necessary for your success.

istanbul real estate
Real estate istanbul investment

Our solutions in real estate investments are very broad, the second home for rent until the sale of land and development of real estate project.

We also handle the marketing of your project internationnal whether in the Gulf countries, England, France and Russia.

Our team is at your service until the conclusion of your project in Istanbul, Turkey.

Some examples of projects we successfully achieve:

The Mert Design Project located in Istanbul Beylikduzu magnificent real estate project consisting of 60 apartments.

We have supported the developement, construction and full commercialization of the project.



Istanbul real estate

Real estate Istanbul

apartment for sale in Istanbul beylikduzu

three bedrooms and lounge

330000 TL


Real estate istanbul 5

Istanbul real estate for sale: apartment for sale in beylikduzu district: three bedrooms and lounge with a sea view.

Price: 275000 Turkish lira only.

Istanbul real estate

Real estate Istanbul, apartment for sale Istanbul

Welcome to real estate istanbul  ! We have many wonderfull apartments for sale in istanbul, in beylikduzu district, high standing. Very good price for your investment in istanbul.

Us first purpose, your tranquility during the purchase of your property in your new city: Istanbul. Take
advantage of this golden opportunity.

In general, the economic capital of Turkey and Istanbul enjoy the last years of exceptional economic developement as a result of this growth, the real estate sector is experiencing a steady increase in demand, so much so that Istanbul is now the city more dynamic Europe.

Faced with this new development, our company offers to acquire luxury apartments combining comfort and modernity at unbeatable prices.

If you want to sell a property in Istanbul, our agency is able to estimate your apartment or house for free!

Istanbul real estate for sale in Beyoglu: flat 2+1. Area: 78 m2.

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Real estate istanbul, apartment for sale in istanbul, lounge + bedroom.

apartment for sale istanbul

Beautiful apartment for sale istanbul, 3+1. Price: 548 300 TR.

apartment for sale istanbulapartment for sale istanbul (966.67 Ko)

مشروع اسطنبول : شقق للبيع 

مشروع غازي عثمان باشامشروع غازي عثمان باشا (4.48 Mo)

Apartment for sale in Istanbul, beylikduzu, 2 bedrooms and lounge. Price: 140 m2.

Istanbul real estate beyoglu: studio for sale in beyoglu in turkey, price:86.000 usd.

Apartment for sale istanbul beylikduzu, 3+1. Price: 450.000 tl
Apartments for sale istanbul zorlu center, in besiktas area, two bedrooms and lounge.
Property in Istanbul: new increase in property prices in istanbul turkey on in the last three months.

Apartment for sale istanbul fatih, 3 bedrooms + lounge. Price: 625000 try


If you want to invest in real estate istanbul, contact us because our listings have many offers and able to meet your expectations.

Flat for sale in istanbul Beylikduzu, two bedrooms + living room + kitchen. Area: 120 m2. Price: 100,000 usd.

apartment for sale in istanbulapartment for sale in istanbul (994 Ko)


Istanbul apartment for sale 2015: three bedrooms + living room + kitchen + bathroom. Area: 210 m2.

Real estate investment opportunity in Turkey: apartments and houses for sale at the best price.

Real estate istanbul besiktas, apartments for sale in besiktas disctrict, contact us.

Beautiful apartment for sale off plan in Kumburgaz: bedroom, living room. The project will be ready in 18 months. Price: 125 000 tl only.

Real estate Istanbul: land for sale in zeitunburnu: 400 m2.

Istanbul real estate for sale: apartment for sale in istanbul beylikduzu, three bedrooms, lounge. Space : 140 m2

Istanbul real estate: apartment for sale in istanbul fatih, 2+1. Area: 120 m2. Price: 350.000 tl

Apartement for sale in Turkey Istanbul: 2+1. Sisli district. Price: 495.000 tl.

Real estate Istanbul: land for sale in Turkey for investment, space area: 5000 m2.

Property Istanbul istanbul apartment for sale: 3 + 1. Beautiful area.
Property Istanbul villa for sale in a beautiful area of Istanbul, five bedrooms and two living rooms.

Istanbul real estate: property for sale in Istanbul beylikduzu, 2+1.

Apartment for sale sisli Istanbul, two bedrooms, livingroom, kitchen: 490 000 tl.

Real estate in Istanbul: apartment for sale in a good district, one bedroom. Area: 63 m2.


Beautiful apartment for sale in istanbul, consists of three bedrooms and a living room. Price: 250000 tel.

Real estate in Istanbul : apartments for sale in sisli district: 2+1. Price: 900 000 tl.


Real estate istanbul:Beautiful apartment for sale in istanbul taqsim three bedrooms and lounge. area: 190 m2.

Turkey real estate investment: building for sale in Istanbul in an upscale neighborhood, composed of 9 luxury apartments.

Istanbul real estate: Apartment for sale in Turkey: two bedrooms, lounge, fitted kitchen: 78 m².

Istanbul Real Estate luxury: beautiful apartment for sale in istanbul: 3 + 1.


Apartments for sale istanbul: 2+1.

Istanbul real estate for sale: land for sale in turkey, space area: 1400 m2.

Istanbul real estate: apartment for sale in istanbul taksim, 2+1. Area: 106 m².

Apartment for sale in Istanbul beylikduzu: 2+1. Price: 95.000 tl.

 If you want to invest in real estate in Istanbul, Turkey, contacts and we discover our investment solutions for foreigners in Turkey.

Apartment for sale in istanbul : three bedrooms and lounge. Space area: 180m2.

Real estate investment Istanbul: apartments for sale in Istanbul beylikduzu, 2+1. Area: 110 m2.

Real estate Istanbul: apartments for sale in istanbul, good Price.

Istanbul real istanbul: apartment for sale in Istanbul Beylikduzu: 2+1. Price: 185000 Tl.

Istanbul real estate for sale in Turkey: villa for sale in Istanbul Esenyurt, 4 bedrooms and lounge.

Real estate in Turkey: building for sale in Istanbul for investment.

real estate istanbul

Apartment for sale istanbul beylikduzu: 3 + 1 +2. Price: 106 500 usd.




Sale apartment istanbul: two bedrooms, living room, kitchen. Floor area: 93m2.

Investment real estate istanbul: land for sale in arnaoutkoy district for build an project.

Real estate in Istanbul: apartments for sale in sisli: 3+1. Price: 600 000 usd.

Apartment for sale in Istanbul Beylikduzu gurpinar, two bedrooms and lounge. Price: 120.000 usd.

Istanbul real estate for sale: building for sale in turkey for invest: 10 apartments.

Istanbul real estate for sale: land for sale in Turkey for investment, area: 900 m 2.

Istanbul real estate: land for sale in Turkey real estate investment, good price, contatct us.

Property investment in turkey istanbul, property for sale in a beautiful area of Istanbul; ideal for rental.

Property investment in Istanbul continues sharply in recent months, about 10,000 apartments were sold summers in ten months. 

Real estate istanbul: Luxury apartment for sale in istanbul: four bedrooms + living. Area: 230m2.

 Apartment for sale in istanbul: 1+1. Space: 77 m2.

Charming apartment for sale in istanbul: 2 + 1. Price: 300 000 tl.


Flat for sale istanbul:2+1. Space: 84m2.

Luxury Residence In İstanbul Price Starts From 148.000 Tl 


We want to introduce you to a new Project in İstanbul- Asia Side. The special Designed Residence which is build on an area of 27.000 m2

The Location of the Residence is only 1.000 meters far away from the Financial Centre . Also near Located to the Residence are following İmportant points.

„Varyap Meridan Grand Tower“

„Ülker Sports Arena“

„Asia City Hotel İstanbul“

„Merit Life Göl Konaklari“




„Soyak Bambu Residence“


„ Uphill Court“

The Luxury service that this Project is Offering you includes:

Security service

  • Reception

  • Secureentry

  • SteelDoor

  • Security Camera

  • Closed Circuit Video System

  • 24 hours security

  • Video İntercom System

  • Social Facilitys:

  • Closed Swimming Pool

  • Sauna

  • Restaurant/Cafe

  • TurkishHamam

  • Playground

  • FitnessClub

    General Features:


• • • • •


Closed Parking Lot Garden and Park Barber

Grocery Market 


You have also the Chance to buy your apartment by installment Plan. You are just paying 25% cash and the leftover you can pay in a time period from 50 month.

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Apartment for sale Istanbul

Apartment for sale istanbul, two bedrooms and reception.

Area: 89 m²/ Price: 95 000 USD.



Apartment for sale in istanbul Beylikduzu, two bedrooms, lounge, kitchen, bathroom.
Area: 105 sqm. Price: 110,000 USD.

All apartments have central air conditioning.

The district Beylikduzu because of its location on the European side of Istanbul and its proximity to major nerve points of the city is full developemment and therefore represents a strategic location for your real estate investment in Turkey.


Flat for sale istanbul: two bedrooms + living room, located in a district of the capital snuff.


beautiful apartment for sale in istanbul, deal not to be missed.






Apartment for sale istanbul sisli, one bedroom.


coffee madofor sale in istanbul, opportunity for investment

Building for sale in istanbul sisli:

Izmir embraces the Arab Turkey conference for construction


In izmir the first Arab turkey conference for construction has launched , the conference that attended by a number of Arab businessmen working in construction and estate sector and also a big number of businessmen and Turkish people in the presence of large number of officials and Edrese Gologa in the foreground the minister of environment and constructional planning in Turkey and the experts predict that this will be a important step in the way of Arab Turkish relationships in the field of estate and constructions . 

The conference depends on the presentation of the successful Turkish model in the field of construction and estate development , where the working Turkish companies in estate sector reach to more 100 country around the world , and achieve a huge success , and did projects worth more than 200 billion dollar , which emphasis on the distinguishing of the Turkish experience in the field of construction and estate , and this is the model that Turkey marketed for the Arab countries and seek through it to enter the Arab markets and to attract more  Arab investments for Turkish estate market which need more investments . 

The Turkish companies of contracting and building distinguish of the spreading of its projects all over the world , and it occupied the second place in the world in the field of contracting , and the main aim of the conference is to increase the cooperation with the Arab countries to reach the first place , the Turkish companies have a wide experience , competencies and human resources that qualify it to be in the first place but which lack it is more investments and with more .Arab investments after Izmir conference it was expected to reach the fore easily.

Gologa invited the Turkish and Arabs for more cooperation and to make use of the orientation of the Turkish foreign policy that the Turkish prime minister Ragab Tayeb Erdogan confesses and gives the Arab countries priority in many points , and emphasis  that the current cooperation is less than the required and possible to make.

Observers said that the conference will make a lot of good results whether at companies level between the Arabs companies and Turkish companies or at Arab investment level in Turkish estate market especially with their acceptance for the advantages of investment in Turkey through their visit to Izmir which considered a great interface to Turkey.

The conference achieved acceptable success which was attended by 570 Turkish ad Arab businessmen, and was participated by 130 companies between Arab companies and Turkish companies and this means that the conference received a lot of attention of the workers in estate sector.




The Arabic Turkish forum for construction and development makes Turkish the prime destination for the Arabic estate investment

The estate sector is one of the most important economical sectors around the world that it is considered one of the profitable sectors that last long time and make plentiful profits safely and with low risks , in recent years in Turkey property market significantly flourish and the economic experts explain that to the new laws that the Turkish government put and allow the foreign to own property , lands and flats freely and without residence in Turkey and this thing allows investors to own flats and property in Turkey.

The flourish in estate sector attracts the Arab investors and especially gulf Arab that a lot of Arab companies own property in Turkey and invest in it.
A lot of businessmen try to make projects in Turkey and make use of Turkish experiences in the field of estate development as the Turkish numbers indicate also the benefits returns to both the Arabs and Turkish .

The Turkish gulf cooperation increase in the field of estate through the Arabic Turkish forum for construction and development that the businessmen in gulf indicates to the power of the Turkish  real estate economy and the wide experience that the Turkish businessmen have and the strong professionalism in economic dealings in addition to that a lot of businessmen want to make use of the Turkish experience in the field of developing the estate sector and their invitation to most of Arabic capitals to this specific aim also many of them go to Turkey to search for estate opportunities that rarely found in any country except Turkey . 

Many investors in the Arabic world prefer to invest their money in Turkish estate sector according to the attention that the Turkish government give to the estate sector specifically through package of new laws that decrease the restraints that limits the individuals and companies to own property in Turkey and the law allows foreign to own lands , property  and flats in Turkey completely without establishment determination and other restraints that forced on businessmen and investors where the Turkish investment flourish in estate field with high expectations of rising coincide with the desire of the Turkish government with more facilities for investors in estate sector .

The experts indicate that the Turkish estate sector  attract Arab investors specifically where the Arab investors have the biggest percentage of investment in the field of Turkish estate sector and Turkey regarded as one of the biggest global markets in investment attraction for estate sector and also one of the famous attractive markets around the world so the gulf companies seek to cooperate with it and make huge estate projects in Turkey and to share the estate boom in it .

As many of businessmen considered that the Turkish culture in the field of estate development and the speed in business achievement can be apply in many Arab capitals and allow elegant habitation with appropriate possibilities for every Arab citizen for long term and where the Turkish Arab cooperation will gain its profits and will make boom in the estate sector in both Turkey and Arab world .   


Industrial area increases demands on villas in Konya

Konya considered one of the most important Turkish countries that achieved boom in industrial sector in the past years, Konya also  emerged as one of the biggest Turkish industrial cities , specialized in car industry , and alloying , agricultural machinery , food ,plastics industry ,shoes industry , and these industries based on renewable energy that the country count on it , and with the increase of operating companies in Konya the demands on estate increase in it also , in the past Konya distinguished with its low prices in comparison with other Turkish countries but the increase of demands on estate in Konya make the prices rise daily with expectation of raising the prices in estate in Konya in the future because of the industrial renaissance there .   

The demand on estate in Konya include villas , so the demand on villas in Konya increase day after day , especially for the owners and the managers of the factories that continuously increase in demand , the prices of the villas doubled in Turkey in past years and it is expected for it for more increase in price , where the economic estate like flats in housing complexes continuously demanded especially that is close to  industrial area , as there is growing increase on buying lands in Konya for establish projects in special areas .


One of the most important features of Konya is the existence of numbers of big and internationally famous companies from multiple countries like Iran and Iraq , Britain , Holland , Russian , Iraq , Syrian , and a lot of countries , and this mean there is a pumping of a lot of investments in this small spot in Turkey , so Konya is enjoying of strong and attractive economy .       




Recently Turkey has facilitated procedures for acquisitions especially for the Arabs .There is no doubt this new law will open the door to the flow of investments from foreign countries such as China as well as many other countries. Indeed, a large number of wealthy Arabs have rushed to buy properties and residential units, especially in Istanbul City.

Terms of acquisitions in Turkey: The new law requires for those willing to possess assets and purchase real estate in Turkey particularly in the city Is-tanbul specifically in Esenyurt and Beylikduzu.

For those who are citizens of Georgia, Greece, Bulgaria and Russia the obtained property should not be on the coastal boarder, border towns or near any sensitive security bases for safety measurements.

While the condition for Iranian citizens and Iraqis or any individual from similar countries is to obtain a permit and a permission which enables them to buy real estate here in Turkey.

Flat for sale in istanbul, two bedrooms + lounge, Very good price.
However for the rich countries such as the Gulf States as well as Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan the new law does not impose on them any restrictions or condi-tions to own real estate in Turkey.

Regarding the value of these properties, there are no minimum or maximum prices for rental or purchase of real estate due to disparity of the prices accord-ing to the regions.

As for the requirement of a residency permission in order to have the right to own a property, it is not a condition .Therefore, non-carriers of the Turkish na-tionality and non-residents can buy and own properties in Turkey. You can also connect all the necessary services such as electricity, gas and the telephone line after buying the real estate without any difficulties to authorize another individ-ual for administrative procedures.

For example, our agency covers all the necessary services to establish the resi-dence such as furnishing, and any other residential service.
If you would like to expand your properties within Turkish territory, the permitted limit should be taken in consideration which is 30 hectares for the time being. Perhaps you would find your desire no further than the previous limit.


The following areas are restricted for property ownership:

1.    Military and governmental regions are highly restricted for property ownership. However, the percentage of these areas in comparison with the unrestricted areas is insignificant.
2.    Owning properties in a small town and exceeding 10% of the total area.

God willing we will present to you any further information regarding property ownership and real estate in Turkey.

Apartments for sale in taksim istanbul, contact us.


Islamic tourism in turkey, istanbul, bursa and antalya.

Real estate in Istanbul: apartments for sale in a good project: all surfaces is available.

Apartments for sale in Istanbul essenyurt: space area : 155 m2. Price: 355 000 tl.

Istanbul real estate: land for sale for investment in turkey: 1500 m2.

Real estate invest istanbul: flat for sale in beylikduzu, three bedrooms and lounge.

Apartment for sale in istanbul: 2+1. Price: 150000 usd.

Real estate istanbul: flat for sale in istanbul sisli, 3+1.

Real estate in Istanbul: apartment for sale in istanbul turkey, two bedrooms and lounge, area: 140 sqm.

Real estate istanbul: apartment for sale in sisli district istanbul: 3+1. Price: 600.000 tl.

Real estate in Istanbul Turkey: apartment for sale in a good area for investment in turkey, 2+1.

Real estate Istanbul: apartment for sale in turkey, 3+1. Area: 123m2.

Apartment for sale in Istanbul, taksim district, good price.


Apartment for sale in istanbul, three bedrooms + living room + kitchen. Floor area: 198 m².

Luxury property for sale in istanbul taksim: 2+1. Area: 111 m2.


flat for sale istanbul, 2 + 1. Space area: 110m2.


Flat for sale istanbul beyoglu: 2 + 1. Price: 300 000 USD.


Beautiful apartment for sale in istanbul: 3 + 1. Area: 175m2.

istanbul real estate, we offer apartments for sale in Istanbul in the neighborhood essenyurt interesting prices.

Apartment for rent Istanbul Turkey

We are apartments for rent in istanbul.

We provide our clients many services such as care at the airport, sightseeing tours of Istanbul and many parts of Turkey.

We are provisions of our customers at all times during their stay in Istanbul to guide and direct them to the best possible choice.


In short: the airline Pegasus announces that it will introduce a new line to connect Istanbul in Charleroi. This facility makes it even more a little more accessible to purchase a property in Istanbul.


News: The turkey yesterday inaugurated the first tunnel under the Bosphorus in Istanbul!


The market of real estate in Istanbul to attract these days many investors around the world, this has led to an increase in the price of apartments in the city.


News: The city of İstanbul renovated its stations in order to improve the network ferroviere of the city, these new enhancements will promote the economic development of the city and its real estate market!